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Blood on paper: the art of the book

28 Abr

De 15 de Abril a 29 de Junho de 2008 no Victoria & Albert Museum de Londres:

“At a time when the notion of the book is challenged by the advent of the screen and computer, this exhibition aims to show the extraordinary ways in which the book has been treated by leading artists of today and the recent past. Blood on Paper will focus on new and contemporary work, and on books where the artist has been the driving force in conception and design. The past twenty years have seen outstanding work by some of the most influential and respected artists of our time.
The exhibition selects books which reveal both the creative process and the soul of the artist in question. Some are iconic works which established the genre of the livre d’artiste after the Second World War; others are surprises from artists who are best known for their work with other sorts of material. Formats and production methods vary enormously. Some works show the virtuosity of traditional ‘hot metal’ printing techniques, others take the commercially-produced book as the starting point of their statements, yet others produce stunning large-scale installations and sculptures.
Seen together, these artists’ books show a truly astonishing inventiveness, many on display to the public for the first time. Artists represented range from Matisse, Picasso and Braque to Anselm Kiefer, Anish Kapoor and Georg Baselitz. Almost all notable artists of the 20th and 21st centuries have produced books, or works that refer to books: those represented will also include Balthus, Louise Bourgeois, Daniel Buren, Anthony Caro, Eduardo Chillida, Francesco Clemente, Damien Hirst, David Hockney, Sol Lewitt, Richard Long , Robert Motherwell, Robert Rauschenberg and many others whose names are synonymous with art today. “
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Teia de histórias / Web of stories

25 Abr

217 Babel Street é um projecto on line de escrita colectiva aberta que usa como metáfora o conceito de um prédio à beira-mar em que a porta de cada apartamento leva a uma história diferente. Os quatro autores – Susanna Jones, Alison MacLeod, Jeff Noon e William Shaw – trabalham independentemente uns dos outros. Novas páginas são criadas a partir de palavras ou expressões marcadas como links. Os autores podem interromper-se uns aos outros e retomar histórias que não sejam suas, levando-as em direcções diferentes. De mês para mês a narrativa muda, alargando-se a novos quartos, novas personagens e novas situações, criando novos percursos para os leitores. A porta da rua permite aceder a todos os apartamentos, onde as diferentes histórias têm início. Todas as personagens mencionadas numa determinada história são listadas ao fundo da página e dão acesso a uma página com a sua descrição, bem como uma lista de todas as páginas em que aparecem.

217 Babel Street is a web of interconnected stories set in a seaside apartment block. There are twenty apartments in the building. Each of the four writers works independently of the others, starting off stories from different rooms. New pages are produced by creating a link from a word or a phrase on a page that already exists. Writers can interrupt and take over each other’s stories, taking them in different directions. Month by month the narrative changes, expanding into new rooms, characters and situations, creating new pathways for readers to explore.
The front door allows access to any of the apartments, where the different stories begin. All characters mentioned in a given episode are listed at the bottom of the page. Clicking on these character links takes the reader to a page describing the character, as well as a list of all the pages in which they appear.”

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Capital Mundial do Livro / World book capital

18 Abr

Durante um ano, de 23 de Abril de 2008 a 22 de Abril de 2009, Amesterdão será a Capital Mundial do Livro, uma honra atribuída à capital holandesa pela UNESCO. O Bookbid apresenta toda a programação.

From April 23rd 2008 to April 22nd 2009, Amsterdam will be World Book Capital, a distinction awarded to the Dutch capital by the UNESCO. The Bookbid presents all the events.

The machine that made us

18 Abr

Um documentátio da BBC4 em seis partes sobre Gutenberg com Stephen Fry como anfitrião a tentar recrear a primeira de todas as impressoras. Aqui está já a primeira parte. E aqui podem ver a segunda, terceira, quarta, quinta e sexta.

A six part BBC4 documentary on Gutenberg hosted by Stephen Fry set to reproduce the very first printing machine. Here’s the first part and then the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth.


The future of books

17 Abr

Kyle Bean, Brighton, UK, 2008

Sculpted books in bell jars

11 Abr
Yellow book 2007
La Terre 2007
De Baudelaire au Surréalisme 2007
The Story of Art 2006

Georgia Russell, 1964, Scotland

Refarm Spectacle

10 Abr

Jennifer Khoshbin, Book Project 2

O segundo de um projecto à volta dos livros criado pela artista Jennifer Khoshbin em parceria com o filósofo Paul Lewis. 30 livros esculpidos e “perdidos” nos passeios e nas ruelas de Houston Street, San Antonio, Texas, para quem quiser os descobrir, examinar, levar para casa ou simplesmente ignorar.

Second in a series of Book Projects created by artist Jennifer Khoshbin and philopher Paul Lewis. 30 carved books to be “lost” on the sidewalks and alleyways of Houston Street, San Antonio, Texas to whom ever might discover, examine, take, or just ignore them.