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Espresso Book Machine

26 Jun

A Blackwell, a cadeia britânica de livrarias especializadas em títulos académicos, vai introduzir nas suas lojas a partir do próximo Outono as Espresso Book Machine, uma máquina de Print on Demand comercializada pela norte-americana On Demand Books.
A EBM está já instalada em 11 outros pontos pelo mundo fora. Permite o acesso a um milhão de títulos, dos quais mais de 600 000 foram licenciados pela Lightning Source, estando os restantes em domínio público.
A máquina imprime, dobra e apara livros em paperback com capas a quatro cores, a pedido e no posto de venda. A versão 1.5 imprime cerca de 40 páginas por minute e tem 3 metros de comprimento e por 2 metros de altura e largura. A versão 2.0, a lançar num futuro próximo, será mais pequena e imprimirá ao dobro da velocidade
Blackwell is introducing an on-demand printer the Espresso Book Machine to its 60-store chain after signing an agreement with US owner On Demand Books. (…)
Blackwell CEO Vince Gunn described the technology, the brainchild of former Random House US editorial director Jason Epstein, as “trailblazing and pioneering”. He added: “From a retailer’s point of view, even allowing for the first-generation technology and publisher challenges, this is a fantastic opportunity — sell to demand with no risk to inventory and an opportunity to create incremental revenue streams for ourselves and publishers.”
The EBM is already installed in 11 sites worldwide. It can access around one million titles, of which more than 600,000 come through a partnership with Lightning Source; the rest are in the public domain. (…)
The machine, which On Demand describes as an “ATM for books”, prints, binds and trims paperback books with four-colour covers, on demand and at point of sale. Version 1.5 prints around 40 pages a minute and is 9 ft long and 5 ft high and deep. Version 2.0, due for a fourth-quarter release, is smaller and prints at more than double the speed. (…)
On Demand works on a leasing arrangement with retailers, offering a buy-out option at a later date. “Because of the newness of the technology our goal is to allow retailers to get in with as little upfront cost as possible,” said Neller.”

Faber Classics: Print On Demand

4 Maio

“Faber is creating a new imprint that will make out-of-print classics available through print on demand. Faber Finds launches on 2nd June with 100 titles, and aims to publish a further 20 titles every month. (…)
The books, priced from £9 upwards depending on length, will be printed by Anthony Rowe Ltd, with text reset by Libre Digital. The cover designs will be automatically generated, with an algorithm creating illustrated borders around the title. (…)
The books will be available through cus­tomer order from booksellers and through all the major web players, as well as from a new ­wiki-style website at, which will encourage a community to form around the project.” (theBookseller, via LerBlog)